Community Involvement

We believe in sharing interests, needs and objectives with the local community in which we operate. We promote an engineering culture among young people and women, to support equal opportunities in education and professional development paths. We are also committed to the well-being of the community through volunteering and charity initiatives.

Responsibility Towards Clients

We establish a real partnership with our customers, based on a deep and fruitful collaboration and on the protection, at the same time, of the security and confidentiality of the information concerning them.

Fair Management Practices

Our relations with other organizations and with stakeholders are based on principles of fairness and transparency. We are equipped with rules, systems and processes that make it possible to pursue the objectives in compliance with the law, and we implement initiatives to ensure consistency between what is declared and what is done.


We plan and implement concrete actions to reduce the environmental impacts generated by our activities. We direct efforts towards the responsible management of energy resources aimed at reducing consumption and emissions resorting, where possible, to renewable sources.

Relationship and Working Conditions

We believe in equal opportunities and fair treatment of all employees, and we stand against any form of discrimination. We ensure working conditions in accordance with the reference standard and compliance with the provisions. We also guarantee safety, health, physical, mental and social wellbeing of all our people.

Human Rights

We are involved in the respect of human rights, recognized by the Ethic Code too and based on the principles expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN, in OIL and OCSE guidelines and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. As employer, we also guarantee the protection of personal… Continue reading Human Rights


Our internal decision processes are guided by rules guaranteeing transparency, accountability, involvement, and information tracking. Our company culture promotes the sensibilization and involvement of our people on social responsibility topics.