Our core expertise: EMSO Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations. 

We are leaders in supporting the EMSO, thanks to proprietary technologies, our strive to reach new domains and our will to answer worldwide protection needs using the EMS in all defense and civil domains and applications.


We always go beyond while staying true to ourselves.

Becoming ELT Group means being even more prepared to gather challenges and turn them into new opportunities, enhancing the principles that make us Leaders.

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EMS Electromagnetic Spectrum – Dominance

We evolve with foresight, recognizing the immense potential of EMS to address the protection needs in the Defense and civilian field in a more and more digitalized world.

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Proprietary technologies

We continue innovating with the development of proprietary technologies in the use of the EMS to bring integrated solutions everywhere in the world.

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Engineering intelligence

Our people are the ones shaping evolution forward, seeing engineering intelligence as a key to unlocking a safer, more stable and sustainable world.


Integrated multi-domain solutions. 

The pursuit of pioneering led us to enter new domains, in addition to the core domain of Defense. Through them, we convey our vertical expertise and our ability to create comprehensive multi-domain solutions.


We are a world leader in EMSO with state-of-the-art technology portfolio of proprietary technologies that integrates several capabilities into software defined systems. This allows our customers to perform Electromagnetic Defense, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), CEMA (Cyber ElectroMagnetic Activities), Asset and Information Protection in a multi domain approach.

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We position our Cyber EW and Intelligence portfolio through innovative solutions, to ensure technological sovereignty in cyber resilience and cyber intelligence.


Space is becoming crucial to enable Intelligence, Security and Defense activities: ELT Group offers a range of solution based on expertise in the EMSO (ElectroMagnetic Spectrum Operations) and Cyber domains to protect all the components of the Space domain.

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The vocation for the protection of people and the willingness to anticipate the threat led us to transfer our knowledge in the Electromagnetic Spectrum to the biodefense sector. We have already developed disruptive technologies to inactivate COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses to contribute to face a new normality and future pandemic threats.