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Joining forces to evolve together: our partnerships.

For us in ELT Group, choosing the right partners for research, projects and innovation is crucial. That’s why we select carefully who we partner up with.


Cultivating and spreading engineering culture

Knowledge is the result of an incremental process based on sharing. We have always cultivated the engineering and STEM culture with passion, both to train our current and future employees and to put it to the country’s service. Technical skills must not be kept a secret, but instead shared with all the players involved. This is the only way to always be up-to-date and competitive.

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1. Participation in competence centers

We are a part of the Rome Competence Center in the domain of cyber security, both in its general aspects and in specific thematic declinations. The goal? Transferring technological knowledge to specialized companies.

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2. EMSOpedia Project

EMSOpedia (Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operations) is the first digital encyclopedic glossary in the world related to the electromagnetic spectrum, to its doctrinal knowledge and to the domains of its application (naval, land, avionics, space and cyber).

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3. Participation in panels and events

Comparison and debate with institutions and other companies operating in our sector is an important sharing opportunity for us. So, we often participate in conferences and events in which the theme of innovation plays a crucial role


Growing today’s talents into tomorrow’s EMS experts.


Universities involved


Curricular and extra-curricular internships activated.


Interns employed by ELT Group


Collaborations with schools and Universities

We have relationships and collaboration agreements in place with the main Italian universities and research centers, to make our know-how available as a valuable asset for everyone. In particular, we collaborate with the Universities of Rome and Naples to offer both curricular and extra-curricular internships.

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Internships and school-work alternation

To us, it’s never too early to start innovating. That’s why we also have in place a project of school-work alternation for Technical Institutes in our production departments – to create a bridge between school and companies and offer young brilliant minds a possibility to excel also on a practical level.


Women4Cyber Italy

We support the promotion of cyber culture as an educational and professional opportunity in the female universe which is at the basis of the activities of Women4Cyber Italia.
This project focuses on enhancing female talents and reducing the skills gap for the benefit of the entire community, to respond to the great demand for professionalism of this kind born from digitization and the growing threats to cybersecurity.

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