Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation comes from continuous contamination.

In ELT Group, we approach research and innovation with a clear goal in mind: offering practical solutions that will ensure people’s safety in a forward thinking way.


A virtuous exchange with universities and research centers.

We have collaborated – and still collaborate – with La Sapienza, Rome Tor Vergata, Roma Tre and LUISS to activate internships – and also with the CNIT of Pisa – Sant’Anna School and the CNIT of the Federico II University of Naples.

The benefits? Not only the growth in terms of research, but also the opportunity to meet and attract talent, to contribute to the growth of technological standards and to stimulate the development and prestige of universities.


Innovation works best when operating clearly.

Innovating doesn’t come out of improvisation. It takes method, discipline and perseverance. This is why we developed an entire ecosystem to better design our innovation process.


Solid partnerships, solid future.

Joining forces is always a smart move. That’s why we partner up with trusted industrial realities to answer an unconventional demand for cybersecurity and to support people protection through EMS.