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Anticipating future safety needs: Biodefense.

Our vocation is people’s safety, so we aim to anticipate possible threats – hence our expansion to this particular domain.


Biodefense: new domain, same core competences.

The vocation for the safety of people and the willingness to anticipate the threat led us to transfer our knowledge in the Electromagnetic Spectrum to the biodefense sector.

We already developed disruptive technologies to inactivate COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses to contribute to the new normality and future pandemic threat


E4LIFE. When EMS supports people protection.

E4LIFE is born from the alliance between ELT Group and Lendlease. It’s the first Italian company in Biodefense aimed to further develop E4SHIELD: a non-invasive technology, capable of destroying aerosol respiratory viruses through electromagnetic waves in real time, in presence of people. The best and widest virus protection experience protecting environments and securing people.

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E4Shield: an effective solution against respiratory viruses.

Our core competence in EMS has proven very effective against viruses.
We amplify elastic oscillations through electromagnetic wave at a suitable frequency and power to break up the virus’ outer membrane – thus effectively inactivating it.


Unique product, unique features.

Let’s get to know them and the sophisticated technology behind E4Shield.

Its electromagnetic waves are comparable to those of a common wifi, allowing the inactivation of the virus in the presence of people.

It inactivates the viral load contained in the aerosol, with a demonstrated efficacy of over 90%.

The system acts within 3 minutes from being turned on and keeps operating uninterrupted.

It can be installed in a few minutes and activated by pressing a single button: a sophisticated technology very easy to use.


Giving people the tools to regain safety.

The pandemic impacted greatly our daily lifestyle. So we designed two type of E4Shield devices, to help people regain normality and safety.
– Personal: The portable version, wearable by people wherever they are.
– 50: The environmental version, usable for a total sanitation of closed environments.

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