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Our future vision

We are prepared to gather challenges and turn them into new opportunities, enhancing the principles that make us Leader.


TENET 2030: Innovate, Expand, Conquer.

Evolving means taking challenges. We plan to maintain a leadership position on strategic EW and cyber solutions for Defense while further innovating, expanding export into new geographies and opening additional opportunities in adjacent sectors, starting from a solid competence in the government of the EMS.


Innovation of products and services.

Our key actions? Improving innovative solutions in the Defense domain, focusing on the traditional core competence in EW, and exploring Cyber and Space additional opportunities, including solutions for unmanned platforms.

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Expansion into new geographies.

To build a safer, more stable and sustainable world, we need to expand into new geographies through strategic partnership with highly qualified entities. Nowadays the company has 11 offices in the 3 continents.


Move into new competitive arenas.

As ELT Group, our vocation is people’s safety – so being able to anticipate threats is crucial. That’s why we want to expand our offering to new fields of protection, such as biodefense and Space.

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Clear ambitions. Clear enabling factors.

Incorporating the right focus area leads to achieving results beyond expectations. We have clear ambitions that stem from enabling factors we put in place.

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Expand export on new geographies

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Leadership position on strategic EW solutions

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Open additional opportunities in adjacent sectors

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Implement successful collaborations


Innovating defense, homeland security, cyber, biodefense and space.

The pursuit of pioneering led us to enter new domains, in addition to the core domain of Defense. Through them, we convey our vertical expertise and our ability to create comprehensive multi-domain solutions.