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Leading with innovation for a better future.

Being a sustainable company means above all participating in the collective effort of growth through innovation. This is the value that we rely on to bring integrated solutions everywhere in the world.


The numbers of our innovation.

We create value for progress and for sustainability. And we show you with data.


Investments in Research and Development


Emerging technologies developed in the last 3 years


Participations in European tenders in the last 3 years


What’s next? We’re already keen on it.

There is no such thing as “impossible solutions”. Just solutions that have not been invented yet. This is the purpose of the ELT Group’s New Tech Lab, where the most pioneering uses of EMS are studied and innovated.


Designing innovation to design the future.

Our collaboration with research institutions and Universities’ design centers – plus the funding of research – are qualifying elements of our virtuous process of corporate innovation. So much so that we have an ecosystem put in place just for that.

Seleziona immagine
Seleziona immagine


Solid partnerships, solid future.

Joining forces is always a smart move. That’s why we partner up with trusted industrial realities to answer an unconventional demand for cybersecurity and to support people protection through EMS.


European Agenda 2030: we are fully committed.

Contributing to technological sovereignty with an impact for the communities in terms of security and protection. We work with the main partners and innovation players on new research trajectories, to be ready to face the challenges of the coming years. This is why we have internally developed an organizational unit to promote, activate and respond to new challenges, developing and strengthening our engineering heritage. We are fully committed to the Skills Pact and to contributing to the implementation of the European Agenda 2030 by innovative solution in Biodefense to fight respiratory viruses and for the urban security such us the counter drone against the threat of malicious drone.