ELT Group Identity

New name. New identity. Same goal.

To be the foremost reliable partner in all defense domains to protect what matters.

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Innovating protection through advanced and unconventional technologies.

ELT Group is specialized in developing and applying innovative and proprietary technologies in the use of the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace to bring integrated solutions to protect people, assets, and information anywhere in the world.


Transforming challenges, building global partnerships.

ELT Group embraces the complex challenges of the present and transforms them into tangible opportunities to build a safer, more stable, and sustainable world also through strategic partnerships with highly qualified entities.

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Our guiding principles for success.

Our people are the ones shaping the evolution forward, seeing engineering intelligence as a key to unlock a safer, more stable, and sustainable world. The core values we all share are what makes it possible.

We believe in concrete innovation and in being able to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges through continuous research and the development of high technological solutions.

We believe in guaranteeing excellence for each client’s specific needs, through the maximum reliability of our products and in any operational scenario.

We believe in sharing, in integration, in diversity, in meritocracy and in talent and commitment. We want for each member of our company to feel actively part of our success.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and responsibility as integral part of our way of working, both internally and with our partners and clients.

We believe in respecting rules and procedures, but also in fluidity and innovating. We favor agile organizational systems, to be more proactive towards partners and clients.


Our defining milestones.

ELT Group has been designing and implementing cutting-edge proprietary technology solutions for Electronic Warfare and Electronic Defense from 1951, supporting the Armed Forces of more than 30 countries around the world in securing crews and platforms with solutions that anticipate new threats and capture key technology trends. The company’s growth has always been linked to a European model of Defense, both in the inspiration of its core values and through its participation in major continental research programs an industry consortia (EFA, FREMM, PPA). It’s also part of the GCAP program as national EW champion in the Isanke & ICS domain. Over

the years the company has undergone further developments expanding its expertise into new domains, becoming an international and integrated Group operating in the areas of Defense, Security and Cyber that comprehends subsidiaries (ELT Deutschland in Germany), investees (CY4GATE and E4life) and local offices in 11 countries. These evolution has seen a strengthening of the portfolio that, in addition to maintaining the core business operating in land, sea, air, space, cyber and biodefense, aligns with the complexity and unpredictability of new scenarios, particularly the convergence of the Electronic Warfare and cyber worlds.


Moving toward a sustainable future.

Our actions as a company aim at sustainable development. From 2018, we started an internal process of social responsibility to implement sustainability in our strategy and corporate culture. And we keep on evolving.


Ready to join us in shaping the future?

ELT Group is searching for innovative thinkers, boundary breakers and enthusiastic talents to shape global protection through innovation.