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A highly strategic environment: Space.

We ensure information superiority and Electromagnetic protection in the Space domain  expanding our range of solutions through innovative approaches.


Expand what is possible.

The space sector is crucial from a defense and security standpoint. That’s why we are increasing our competitive knowledge

in the EMSO and Cyber domains to protect what matters. Even from Space.


Introducing our Space program: welcome to SCORPIO.

Since Space infrastructure offers the possibility of new previously inaccessible observation and data collection points, entering this domain is an integral part of our strategic plan. We are expanding our EMSO dominance also into Space with SCORPIO (Sigint Compact ORbital Payload In Orbit): our first multi-stage space program.

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Space EMSO defense solutions

We have already developed a ground defense system: the Zenithal Jammer, an advanced integrated system of electronic countermeasures designed to identify and react to a wide range of threats from Space, including SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radars).

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Space cyber threats solutions

When it comes to space cyber threats, CY4GATE is crucial to play an important role in the cyber security protection of the satellite infrastructures and its data. It has developed a strong track record through a broad range of state-of- the-art technology solutions.


Satellite surveillance: forged to go further.

Acting in LEO orbit, SCORPIO will intercept and collect the data related to EMS signals to provide situational awareness of all suspicious activities, such as countering smuggling, terrorism or illegal immigration.
Unmanned: No crew, only Ground Segment operators are needed
Unlimited: Full Earth Coverage with no geographical limitations
Unseen: No way for adversaries to understand they are monitored
Unstoppable: Once in orbit, SCORPIO continuously flies (no need to take-off)

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Concreteness beyond vision: 3 strategic phases.

In this first phase, we focused on the development and launch of the payload to be able to collect electromagnetic signals from the earth’s surface to monitor illegal activities on air, on the ground and in maritime scenarios.

In the second phase, we planned to study a new version of the payload. The project includes refinement of aspects such as energy balance, thermal management, improved asset control capability.

The goal of this phase is to implement the source geolocation function. A cluster of LEO proprietary satellites, the SIGINT constellation, will be launched and used.


Spreading our solutions across the globe.

We sustain our solutions with a global approach that ranges from EMSO education&training, advanced simulation systems, EMSO operational support and full Life Cycle Management.