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A crucial environment for technical sovereignty: Cyber. 

We ensure technological supremacy in cyber resilience and cyber intelligence through innovative solutions. By the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, that include the cyber dimension too.


Cyber: a new core domain to keep safe. 

Our offer aligns with the complexity and unpredictability of new scenarios, in particular regarding the realms of Electronic Warfare and of cyber. 
EMSO has become an enabling dimension, transversal to traditional

domains: aeronautics, space, naval, land, but also to the emerging ones of cyber and space. It’s also capable of dealing with threats in areas bordering on civilian life, such as the internet of Things or the Internet of battle field things. 


Cyber safety: one main focus, many different solutions. 

We developed a specific capacity for intelligence and operations in the cyber domain, using the electromagnetic spectrum as a carrier and pointing all our systems towards cyber resilience.

We designed solutions for cyber security monitoring and cyber incident response and we can provide a solid support in the design and application of Cyber Electromagnetic Attack simulation systems and models.

We developed a platform based on AI algorithms to support intelligence analysts in collecting, enhancing and supporting data information. We also designed an exhaustive information framework’s visual representation to benefit the tactical and strategic management of military scenarios.

We anticipated the risks posed by cyber attacks in conflicts and in the civil and economic sphere and used our early analysis as a strategic asset both in the military and civilian fields.


CY4GATE. The answer to unconventional demand for cybersecurity. 

CY4GATE operates in the cyber market at 360°, with proprietary products that include information collection, analysis and security: QUIPO, in the world of Cyber Intelligence; RTA, Cyber Digital Twin, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Pronto Cyber in the world of Cyber Security. 

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