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Fostering growth. With our people. For our people.

The clarity and sharing of employee performance, as well as the alignment between corporate and individual objectives are central aspects for us. Here is how we conduct our responsible process management and development of people and skills, enhancing our employees’ professional development.

People’s experience, competence and skills: our most important resource.

Working in ELT Group means having the opportunity to reach your full potential, in step with your real motivation and true aspirations. You’ll work in an attractive and stimulating environment, where your personal and professional growth is led by an integrated system of human resources management. Together with us, you will focus on key skills’ development to guarantee ELT Group’s full business competitiveness.

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How do we do management skills and development?

In our company, we adopt processes for the definition and evaluation of objectives and skills, based on the involvement of employees and the creation of awareness, through moments of self-assessment. All this takes place thanks to the digital transformation of the human resource management process, which has allowed for an integration of the planning, assessment, training and growth phases of people.

The pillars of our development process.

In order to create a culture that fosters self-development and skills acquisition, we implemented specific processes that would help us grow our people’s asset and the company’s future in the smoother way possible. Discover them.

This process was created to highlight strengths and gaps with respect to the professional role covered by the resource. The skills assessment process is implemented with E-Performance, through self-assessment and feedback from the direct manager, department manager and HR. After this analysis, a plan aimed at bridging the skills gaps or at training and consolidating one’s skills with a view to professional growth is formalized.

The process aims to guide people towards the results expected by the company, linking individual performance to broader business activities and giving importance to the “cascade” assignment process. The assignment and assessment of individual goals translates into two distinct moments in which the entire company population is involved. There is therefore a first phase of Goal Setting, in which the manager assigns individual goals to each resource; and a second phase of Performance Appraisal, in which the formal evaluation of the results takes place in the meeting between the manager and the collaborator.

It is a tool that shows how the organization works and all the possible career paths present in ELT Group in virtual mode. The tool offers a navigation map of all current positions, also allowing you to view job descriptions and express interest, like and contact HR. The tool is constantly updated with company organizational developments, to ensure constant transparency and information to employees about their possibilities in the company.

The purpose of the performance bonus is to involve personnel in the achievement of company objectives and in participating in the Company’s results. Employees can choose to convert it into welfare and then spend it on the goods and services available within the “Enjoy Life Time” Flexible Benefits Plan adopted by our company.

Corporate Academy: our formative flagship.

The ELT Group Corporate Academy was born in 2018, as a tool to promote company training and learning by doing, systematizing and disseminating the distinctive knowledge of the business.
The project envisaged the activation of Train The Trainer courses, training over 20 employees to become trainers themselves. This translated into tutoring sessions in which senior colleagues accompany junior colleagues in a structured professional growth path, transferring their skills and experience to them.


We believe in talent. That’s why we offer internships.

To encourage and develop contacts with young people in our various Corporate functions, we host trainees in motivating learning environments where their University background can be implemented.
The internships address University students interested in expanding their knowledge of specific areas of Elettronica for their dissertation, and new graduates motivated to be committed in Corporate operational projects, benefiting from real on the job training.


Ready to join us in shaping the future?

ELT Group is searching for innovative thinkers, boundary breakers and enthusiastic talents to shape global protection through innovation.