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A caring environment matters. Especially at work.

Every company has its own approach to ensure its employees’ wellbeing and work life balance. This is our corporate welfare program.


Human environment. Human relationships. 

We foster collaboration and cooperation between colleagues both online and offline. 
Online we have ELTnet. It’s the company intranet, the starting point for internal sharing of information relating to the world of ELT Group, in which the most important news, videos and press articles are placed in the foreground. Offline we have the CRAL, a meeting point for all those who wish to meet

and share interests, during work breaks and in their free time. Our employees are automatically enrolled at no cost upon hiring and can enjoy sports activities, organized trips, food and wine experiences, cultural activities and conventions that also involve family members. 


For us, diversity is to be included. Always.

In 2022 we analyzed our company’s current situation in terms of corporate culture, processes and human resource management. We focused particularly on the issue of gender, defining the areas on which to intervene, our goals and our action plan. We are on a journey, and we know that with the help of our people we will accomplish our goals. In the meantime, here are our procedures on these areas of inclusion.

Undertake awareness-raising initiatives at all levels to promote equal opportunities. Promote the inclusion of more women in the organisation and encourage the participation of women in management training plans. Encourage the approach of female students to STEM paths.

Encourage the integration of all cultures existing in the company, valorising their peculiarities, in an inclusive culture and open to comparison. Create opportunities for reflection and exchange through collective meetings, focus groups on specific emerging issues.

Parental and caregiving needs must not represent an obstacle to one’s professional fulfilment and it is the company’s task to guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment to all new parents and caregivers. Put its people in a position to best reconcile their private care and care needs with professional needs. Promoting active fatherhood and a balanced sharing of family and care responsibilities.

Implementing concrete measures for training and development of knowledge and skills and good practices aimed at socialisation, integration and well-being.

Proactive and conscious management of the generation gap, converting age diversity into opportunities for growth and mutual enrichment.

Protecting respect for the privacy and private dimension of people.

Encourage the integration of all cultures existing in the company, enhancing their peculiarities, in an inclusive culture and open to confrontation create opportunities for reflection and exchange through collective meetings, focus groups on specific emerging issues.


Work life balance matters to us. As do you.

In ELT Group we adopted concrete actions to support the work-life balance of our employees. Here are some of them.

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Smart working
and work hour flexibility

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Early severance package

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Special economic
treatment for sick leave

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Parenthood benefits


We have your wellbeing at heart.

In ELT Group, we believe in treating our employees with care and respect. This includes facilitating their health check-ins, to ensure they get the best care possible. Find out more about our policies regarding wellness and health.

For ELT Group employees and their families, the supplementary health care plan is totally free. Furthermore, we also offer new retirees – after the end of their employment – the opportunity to continue with supplementary health insurance, by adhering to a dedicated health plan.

Several initiatives aimed at the entire company population to promote healthy eating and health prevention, through physical and mental well-being and health monitoring. For example, we offer a series of information and actions to introduce correct eating behaviors with the “EAT_Educational” project – in partnership with the San Donato Group Foundation – and the “Piatto in Forma” initiative in the company canteen menu.

Health monitoring is guaranteed by the company through “ELT_Lab”, the service dedicated to all employees – who can carry out blood tests and prevention packages, through the health insurance, at the company clinic.

The service is available every day for 8 hours. It is also used by employees for visits and advice on illnesses, accidents, health problems or for informative purposes. Every year, the infirmary administers the flu vaccine, free of charge, to those who request it.

A further benefit for both executives and employees, to ensure they get a higher pension coverage, supplementing the one offered by the compulsory pension system.


Ready to join us in shaping the future?

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