From Elettronica to ELT Group: our new identity.

We changed our name, but we didn’t change our essence. We have always challenged what seemed impossible to guarantee global protection through our excellent expertise on EMS. And we will keep doing that, more than ever.


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ELT Group at ILA Berlin
ELT Group is participating in ILA Berlin, the international aerospace event taking place this year from 5 to 9 June. For more than 70 years, ELT Group has been a world leader in Electronic Defense Systems. Thanks to innovative management of the electromagnetic spectrum, achieved through proprietary and integrated technologies, today the brand is an international Group with a multi-domain approach that also covers Cyber, Biodefense and Space, a domain in which the company moved in, with the first payload for ELectronic INTelligence activities, flying today in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and dedicated to the collection of test data.
Electromagnetism and Cyber. ELT Group’s response to counter future threats
ELT Group participated in Tallinn at the 16th Cyber Conflict Conference: Over the Horizon, at NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). During the event, the company demonstrated how electromagnetic defence is strategic, in a multi-domain context, to ensure the cyber resilience of critical civil and military infrastructures against cyber threats that exploit the electromagnetic spectrum, so-called CEMA (Cyber electromagnetic activities). The demonstration was realised thanks to Cy4gate’s Hybrid Digital Twin – Cyber Range that reproduced a realistic simulation of the network in combination with ELT’s electromagnetic defence systems in hardware-in-the-loop mode.
ELT Group cresce ancora
Elettronica SpA, società che si presenta ormai nel mercato con il brand ELT Group, ha acquisito il 100% di ELTHUB di cui possedeva già il 70% e che già lavora nel Gruppo nella divisione chiamata New Tech Lab. L’operazione appena conclusa ha l’obiettivo di dare un nuovo slancio al sito produttivo situato in Abruzzo che da due anni contribuisce alle attività di Ricerca ed Innovazione del Gruppo ELT.


What’s next? We’re already keen on it. 

There are no impossible solutions, but solutions that have not yet been invented. This is the purpose of the ELT Group’s New Tech Lab, where the most pioneering uses of EMS are studied and innovated. 


Transforming challenges, building global partnerships. 

ELT Group embraces the complex challenges of the presents and transforms them into tangible opportunities to build a safer, more stable, and sustainable world – also through strategic partnerships with highly qualified entities.  


Go global.
Go bold. 

As ELT Group, we have the potential to get our innovative solutions worldwide. Our presence covers 11 countries, located in Europe, Middle East and Asia. 


Moving toward a sustainable future. 

Our actions as a company aim at sustainable development. From 2018, we started an internal process of social responsibility to implement sustainability in our strategy and corporate culture. And we keep on evolving. 


Ready to join us in shaping the future? 

ELT Group is searching for innovative thinkers, boundary breakers and enthusiastic talents to shape global protection through innovation. 


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