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A turn-key solution: Global Sustainment.

We believe Global Sustainment is the perfect complement to our solutions for the realization of the complete EMSO experience of our customers.


Learn, grow and increase EMSO assets’ use.


Fight as you have been trained: BATTLELAB

Our EW Training Support System program (aka BATTLELAB) is a family of simulators for training on equipment and platforms equipped with EW systems. The training is carried out with “collaborative” training sessions in which the various actors (students) operate simultaneously with the assets assigned to them in a “gaming arena” which faithfully represents an operational scenario.

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Test & Evaluation

Our test and validation products are deployed and operated “on-the-move” or at the airfield, in a laboratory or at an outdoor test range. For this purpose, we offer different portable or container-based test systems. With Test & Evaluation solutions ELT Group provides the ISR/EW operators with the knowledge they need before the mission: Validation of platform-integrated ISR Systems, Calibration of platform-integrated ISR systems, On-field training of C4ISR operators,
Training of platform crew, HW/SW-in-the-loop testing,
Library building, GO/NO-GO Check, LRU, Failure Analysis.


Simulation & Training

We have developed complex simulation environments, training, and education systems. Our Simulation & Training library has a large number of different models and situations for the training such as the behavioral model of radar functions, (search & track, weapon guidance, multifunction phased array), receiver model, or communication model. The training in a simulation environment helps to protect the original equipment against possible consumption damage, while it makes it possible to effortlessly practice any possible extreme situation.

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Improve EW’s effectiveness.


EW Center: a multiplayer operational support system.

EW Center, our Electromagnetic Warfare Analysis Center, is a system of operational support for the activities of pre- and post-mission. The system is suitable for all types of Electronic Warfare systems for different functions (ESM, ECM, etc..), different frequency band (radar, communications, EO, IR) and different type of host platform (Air, Maritime, Land, etc.). The system, installed in a fixed site, is modular and configurable according to the customer’s needs.

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Scarlet: emulate and test countermeasures in multiple IR scenarios

Scarlet is a test system for laboratory use, able to emulate scenarios in the infrared (IR) frequency band, for the assessment of countermeasures effectiveness through the stimulation and characterization of IR-guided treaths. The IR scenario generated, typically consists of an aircraft (target), a system of flares and a countermeasure Laser system (DIRCM emulator).


Coral: a mobile IR test range laboratory

Coral is a mobile laboratory for the acquisition, digitization and storage of data from a IR weapon system (turret seeker), with the objective of measuring the reactions of an infrared-guided seeker when it is invested from an IR countermeasure signal.

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EWOSS: operative support for any system

The Electromagnetic Warfare Operative Support System – EWOSS – is able to support ELT and non-ELT systems. It is composed by two subsystems: Library Generation subsystem and Library Validation subsystem.


Keeping EMSO in perfect shape.

We support our customer in a tailored way. This means either by performing the whole activity directly on site by ourselves or collaborating with the customer with a shared team composed by ELT Group/ customer personnel.

We can grant the repair and manufacturing of the spares for the entire product’s life cycle. How? By maintaining the producibility of Manufacturing Data Package by keeping operative the Elt internal manufacturing/ repair lines.

System performance monitoring and availability increase service is another crucial assistance we deliver to the Customer.

We keep the system reliability’s sustainment progressively under control through its whole life cycle – with status accounting & asset tracking, spares stock inventory management, engineering technical assistance and relevant solutions for obsolescence issues.


Integrated multi-domain solutions.

Besides our core domain of Defense, we convey our vertical expertise and our ability to create comprehensive multi-domain solutions.