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Electromagnetic Defense: advanced self-protection for any platform.

Our specialty? Is to Enhance platform defense with multi-spectral defensive electronic attack and integrated sensor solutions.

ALR/733 NG

The ALR 733 New Generation family of Radar ESM systems is designed to provide alarm, surveillance, ELINT analysis and data-collection.
The system fulfils the operational requirements of different missions of helicopters and aircrafts with a frequency band coverage in C to J, optionally up to mmW.
• Full RWR-ESM-ELINT automatic capability in a single processing unit.
• Automatic identification and warning of high priority emitters.
• Proven 100% Probability of Intercept.
• Capability to operate also with raw mission data
• Massive Data collection capability.

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ELT 160

The ELT/160 family of Radar Warning Receivers is designed to detect, analyze and identify all the

intercepted electromagnetic emissions that can pose a threat to the platform (utility and combat aircraft or helicopters), in an extremely short time and beyond the maximum weapon system engagement distance.

ELT 162

ELT/162 is the latest generation family of RWR/ESM, integrated in a Self-Protection Suite of helicopters/aircrafts, against radar threats. Integrated in the Suite, the product generates the relevant information needed to initiate any counteraction (maneuvers, passive/active countermeasures or a combination).
It can be configured as a RWR (minimal configuration) up to an ESM system, by adding interferometric antennas.
It is fully digital, based on direct RF sampling. The deinterleaving process is boosted by AI/ML algorithms. SWAP properties in RWR configuration (<20 kg).

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ELT 572 – Fiber DIRCM

The ELT/572 DIRCM (Direct Infrared Counter Measure) dual band system belongs to ELT IR

-based family of Countermeasures. The system provides a reliable and effective protection of rotary and fixed wing aircrafts (including jests) against surface to air missile threats (MANPADS – Man Portable Air Defence Systems). Laser power generation is based on fiber optic technology.

ELT 577 – Solid State DIRCM

The ELT/577 DIRCM (Direct Infrared Counter Measure) triple band system belongs to ELT family of IR Countermeasures systems. The system, with small size and weight (20 kg), provides a reliable and effective protection of small and medium avionics platforms against surface to air missile threats (MANPADS – Man Portable Air Defence Systems).
Integrated in the Suite, it generates the relevant jamming/deception techniques in a stand-alone mode or cooperating with passive decoys (flares) to enhance the effectiveness. It is based on Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology.

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ELT 590 Spark

The product is an active countermeasure for the Self-Protection of avionic platforms (helicopters, aircrafts, fighters), releasable and expendable, able to generate both jamming and deception waveforms against missile seekers and tracking radars in C-X-Ka band.
It is used in conjunction/substitution of an on-board countermeasures, generating a credible false target in angle and Doppler. The RF countermeasure payload is integrated in a cartridge (dimensions 2”x1”x8”) compatible with standard Decoy Launchers.

ELT 950

ELT/950 is a Command and Control system where more EMSO-related systems,  on the same platform are functionally integrated and managed. Example of applications are management of a Self-Protection suite on board helicopters, aircrafts, ships and integration of a SIGINT capability of an ISTAR platform. The product is designed for performing also in the Cyberspace domain, performing cyber resilience of EMSO suite.

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ELT/950: Command and Control system where more EMSO-related systems, installed on different distributed platforms are functionally integrated and managed. LOKI enables network centric operations at tactical level in the EMSO layer. The product is designed for performing also in the Cyberspace domain.


The Praetorian DASS provides an integrated self defence system for EuroFighter Typhoon in both the Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface roles against threatening platforms and missile systems with minimal pilot involvement. The DASS also provides a contribution to the attack sensor suite, contributing to target detection and identification.

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Virgilius – IEWS

Virgilius is an advanced, fully integrated Electronic Warfare system for Alarm, Surveillance and Countermeasure functionality. The system is an ALL-IN-ONE system, meaning it is capable of perform all the above functionality in just ONE processing unit, integrating passive antennas and ECM transmitters.
It is conceived to perform emitter detection, classification, identification and to counter a large threat variety. Virgilius is installed on any fixed and rotary wing platform, naval surface and submarine platforms and ground based systems.

MiNT Solutions

ELT Group is a design authority for system integration of Ground, Naval and Air Units, providing turnkey solutions for operational capabilities. We carry out sensor integration tasks on a variety of platforms (such as cars, armored vehicles, tanks, ships, UAVs, container/shelters) and we offer a full life cycle service support for integration. Here are some examples of equipments and systems that can be installed:
• Surveillance systems (ELINT, COMINT);
• Communication systems;
• Jamming systems;
• Control station for unmanned vehicles, e.g. detection robots;
• UAV Detection systems.

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