New tech lab

Building innovation: introducing our New Tech Lab.

We needed a place to build innovation from scratch. A place where the most pioneering uses of EMS are studied and innovated. And we created it.


Shaping technologies and global protection: the essence of our innovation.

New Tech Lab is a place of research for further unconventional solutions in the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s also a point of contact with research institutions and universities and of collaboration with new partners. The goal? To ensure that the engineering intelligence of ELT Group can continue to

generate increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions for the defense of people, assets and data in the defense world.
A few of its specialties?
• Research, design and development
• Fast prototyping
• Production completely in-house.


Take a look at New Tech Lab’s data.

Numbers can’t say everything. But they sure can show you how much we focused on this venture.

18.000 sqm

The entire lab’s surface

5 laboratories

Focused on Defense, Space, Automotive, Medical and Hydroponic

2 projects

Research projects on PON Agrifood & PNRM


Great project. Great impact on ELT Group.

New Tech Lab has a great impact on ELT Group at an internal and external level. Why?
• It further increases our research and innovation footprint through disruptive technological projects in the defense, security and civil sectors.
• It strengthens technical and engineering skills to identify emerging and distinctive solutions.

• It gives us an important rapid prototyping capacity for new solutions and newly conceived systems.
• It diversifies reference markets.
• It brings a new and important push towards the social sustainability component of our value proposition.


3 domains of activities. 3 fields to innovate.

We always look forward to finding new ways to enhance engineering intelligence applied to a variety of fields. These are the ones we are currently tackling.

A few of the projects we are most prouf of? The Gran Sasso Ladders, where we installed particle detectors made of glass for the INFN; ETRUSCO-2, a thermo-vacuum chamber with fine motion for space simulations; TIGRISAT 3U cubesat, a mechanical structure with selective surface treatment and pcb with solar cells on one side and coils for attitude control on the other side, integrated into the substrate.

For about 10 years, we manufactured custom battery packs for hybrid and electric civil vehicles and outfitted tactical, military and camouflaged vehicles.

We created High Technology Hydroponic Farms, confined and completely automatized greenhouses on different scale solutions.


Fast at innovating thanks to Fast Prototyping.

Fast Prototyping is a cross-product and industry capability that comes from two factors:
• The experience we gained over the years on many projects in various sectors.
• The possibility of internally realizing any prototype in very little time, and to test the solution created thanks to the availability of all the necessary production assets in the company.

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Greatness comes from innovation.

To innovate is to search for greatness where you can’t see it yet. These projects demonstrate what we can achieve when we are guided by this principle.

We studied, designed and manufactured a demonstrator for new generation 3D printing of nutritious foods – created in partnership with ENEA SSPT-BIOAG and Rigoni di Asiago.

We designed a fully automated, robotized and computerized system to demilitarize ammunitions in a safe way.

We constructed a demonstrator for soilless cultivation of plants, based on solid-state LED artificial lighting, integrated with non-destructive analysis systems for real-time monitoring of plant health and growth – in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency ASI and EltHUB.