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Our 3-step-process to recruit new talents.

In ELT Group, our Recruiting & Selection process aims at identifying people who – based on their skills, motivation and attitudes consistent with the company’s core values and culture – are capable of supporting the evolution and realization of the business in the long run. And we do so in a 3-step-process.

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The choice and definition of methodologies and tools for the reference target, guaranteeing the effectiveness and efficiency of the process in terms of timing and output quality.

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The evaluation of the candidate’s profile in order to define skills, attitudes and motivations in relation to the requirements needed for the effective coverage of the role.

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The moment aimed at promoting awareness of one’s own role, facilitating its understanding also with respect to the wider reality of the organization.


I-ELT. Our training for new hires.

Our induction training process is designed to easily guide new hires in the organization and functioning of the company while stimulating a sense of belonging.
I-ELT starts from the first day in ELT Group, providing new hires with educational and information material. It then involves meetings with the Managers of each corporate function and with the General Manager. About a year after its start, the integration process ends with an evaluation phase between the new employee and their Direct manager.

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ELT Group is searching for innovative thinkers, boundary breakers and enthusiastic talents to shape global protection through innovation.