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Striking first to defend you: Electromagnetic Attack

Our mission is achieving spectrum dominance through offensive and defensive Electronic Warfare tactics, including Cyber-EW integration. 

ELT 335

The ELT/335 family of systems is designed to disrupt (CECM) radio communications in the HF, VHF, UHF and SHF frequency bands, implementing a large variety of techniques at spectrum and protocol level. The system is typically integrated with a DF/COMINT system (ELT/332 or others), but offers an intrinsic detection-discrimination-classification capability.

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ELT 950

ELT/950 is a Command and Control system where more EMSO-related systems,  on the same platform are functionally integrated and managed. Example of applications are management of a Self-Protection suite on board helicopters, aircrafts, ships and integration of a SIGINT capability of an ISTAR platform. The product is designed for performing also in the Cyberspace domain, performing cyber resilience of EMSO suite.


The product is used in support to land and/or naval military operations by offering electromagnetic active countermeasure against land-based and shipborne radar threats for stand-in operations, installed on unmanned platforms.
The product represent a gap filler in operations where Electronic Attack is an enabling and support capability. SWAP data:
• VHF and UHF band: 11 Kg, 560 VA
• C-D band: 11 Kg, 590 VA
• X band: 9 Kg, 840 VA

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ELT/950: Command and Control system where more EMSO-related systems, installed on different distributed platforms are functionally integrated and managed. LOKI enables network centric operations at tactical level in the EMSO layer. The product is designed for performing also in the Cyberspace domain.

Virgilius – IEWS

Virgilius is an advanced, fully integrated Electronic Warfare system for Alarm, Surveillance and Countermeasure functionality. The system is an ALL-IN-ONE system, meaning it is capable of perform all the above functionality in just ONE processing unit, integrating passive antennas and ECM transmitters.
It is conceived to perform emitter detection, classification, identification and to counter a large threat variety. Virgilius is installed on any fixed and rotary wing platform, naval surface and submarine platforms and ground based systems.

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EDGE provides the function of self or mutual protection of combat aircrafts, housing Alarm and Countermeasure functionalities in the same architecture.
EDGE is typically delivered in a self-powered and self-cooled pod.
Countermeasures function is based on AESA architecture, powered by programmable Digital Receiver and Digital Radio-Frequency Memory.
System design ensures prompt interception and automatic processing of the radar environment, as well as the implementation of an adaptive power management function to ensure optimized jamming response to the multi-threat environment.