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Enhancing Homeland Security through protection of people and infrastructures.

We are always focused on developing solutions for effective operations of Homeland and Public Security.


ADRIAN is a family of Counter-UAV solutions designed to Intercept and Neutralize mini/micro UAV in several scenarios and environments. The family includes versions for fixed and transportable deployment, on-the-move configurations, naval integration.
A modern and intuitive Command and Control, powered by AI-based algorithms for data fusion and image analysis, functionally integrates multispectral sensors/effectors, including:
• Radio-link smart jamming
• GNSS jamming/spoofing techniques
• Cyber Electromagnetic Attack for Hi-jacking
• Integration with Hard-Kill

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The product is used to counter commercial drones in Homeland Security applications. Differently from the product used for military purposes, the product belong to the category of Dual Goods and can be operated by Homeland Security Forces, Police Forces and Security Forces. Big events, buildings, compounds are the ideal candidates to be protected by this product.
the product is based on the deployment of several sensors in multiple domains, integrated via a local Command and Control. NADIR benefits of a very friendly Human Machine Interfacee.


MUROS are modular, fully integrated Sensor Suites for stationary and mobile platforms to cover the demand of Governments for more public security. MUROS systems can be operated 24/7, equipped with EU state-of-the-art technologies (sensors, actuators, IT and communications) and can be tailored to any individual application.

MUROS solutions are divided into three families:
• MUROS S, to deliver comprehensive surveillance & protection;
• MUROS C, to monitor, analyze, and control communications;
• MUROS MC, to support heterogeneous missions on the field.

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